Submission Guidelines

1. Projects must be on GitHub and submitted by Saturday, November 21 at 11am PST. Full submission instructions will be provided after the start of the hackathon.

2. All submissions must honor the Code of Conduct and represent work completed during the duration of the hackathon. Teams can form ideas before the hackathon but the code, hacks, and prototypes must be built during the hackathon. 

3. Only one member per team needs to submit the project. Be sure to include the names of all the team members registered for HackTheOrb.

4. You may submit your project for more than one prize. All submissions will be eligible for and automatically entered for the Luminary Developer’s Choice Award. Note, some prizes have specific requirements:
Submissions for Best DeFi Dapp and Best New Dapp must include use of a Chainlink oracle

5. All submissions must include an end-to-end walkthrough of a user experience and code discussion. 

6. Completed, submitted projects with Chainlink oracle will receive 7 $LINK.